Elegy to the Ancestors

Poetry inspired by “Dark Souls” and “Elden Ring”

Brit McGinnis
4 min readMar 26, 2022


Source: Daracaex.

We do not know

At what time

Humanity looked up

And said, “Fuck this.”

They looked all around

At the ruin they found

All because some damn gods

Were in charge.

Some great fucking thing,

With a soul that would sing

Would live on with their sanity

And no fear?

It’s not fair, humans thought.

What am I, if not also alive?

Even if I am dead, I am here.

Can’t I live?

The silence went on.

The care did not come.

The glory, the freedom,

The right to a grave.

Humanity waited.

The gods did not listen.

But hid themselves

further away.

Humanity looked around,

Found something sharp,

and started to walk

to Anor Londo.

Knowing they’d die,

or they would stay alive

to get the

fucking answers.

What did you do to my world?

Why can’t we die?

Where are our heroes?

Why did you lie?

For they were our heroes,

the Wolf Knight,

the Rock,

even She, the dear Blade of the Lord.

They weren’t yours,

no matter your gifts.

Our heroes are gone, after you.

Give them back.

Humanity threw

all it had at the gods,

at their children,

their slaves.

Of course, we all died.



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