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A little over a year ago, I took on a day job for the first time in seven years. When most people are off getting coffee with colleagues and planning how to avoid the weirdest person at their office Christmas party, I was editing transcripts and running livestream events for colleagues I would never ever meet in person.

Remote work only went mainstream in the last five years. It was pretty interesting to come up doing work that most people found weird or sketchy, only to find out that I had been “living the dream.”

I kept waiting to be…

Short vignettes on “how it’s been.”

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Every time I drive into the city, there’s more garbage on the side of the road. There’s always another graffiti sign cursing out the mayor. Another stop sign or metal road marker is cut down every time I look.

I listen to podcast stories about how the country has been over-stored and over-restauranted for years. My favorite restaurant is closed tight. It is one of six restaurants owned by the same person’s group, which is based in San Francisco.

I think of a Halloween City coworker who was between places to live because she…

A now annual tradition. Add yours!

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Compare to last year’s list.

  • Midriff tops. Make them good, but I won’t care about them at that length.
  • Kill counts in horror movies. Doesn’t make a movie good, newbie.
  • Waist trainers. They’re corsets. Shut up.
  • Screen printing shops. Selective prints is not an identity.
  • How much people spend on weddings. Cash does not always equal class.
  • “Places to drink” lists.
  • Lizzo. The definition of an 8/10, with the exception of “Good as Hell” and her baller cover of “Stayin’ Alive.”
  • How Melania decorated the White House for Christmas. Doesn’t this poor woman suffer enough being married to an asshole…

It made me happy I’ve quit the evangelical team

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In college, I was part of an evangelical Christian group on campus. The people were friendly enough, but they were evangelical with a capital “E,” and being part of their group meant I would have to do some outreach. One night, this meant walking up and talking to people about Jesus in our college’s main common area. It was easily the most embarrassing thing I’d ever done in college, and it was one of the experiences that initiated my stepping away from Christianity.

The people who were best at “witnessing” could talk about Jesus warmly, making you feel special and…

Yes, we do have glow-in-the-dark spiderweb.

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Amid my search for a full-time job, I took a seasonal job at a pop-up Halloween store.

It’s so much fun! I’m surrounded by the vibes of my favorite holiday, and I have plenty of flexibility to do interviews and research positions. It’s a fun working environment with sweet people.

Then there are the customers.

Most of them are super nice to neutral. But then there are the weirdos, creeps, and just people that do not know how to behave themselves. It’s a special brand of retail weirdness to listen to someone describe how they need a giant Halloween spider…

It’s time.

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In June 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified Pre-Menstrual Dysphoria Disorder (PMDD) in it’s new classification system ICD-11. The disease was labelled as a hormonal disease, not a mental illness.

For women like me who suffer this awful disease, it was a revelation. The medical establishment had finally recognized us. We were going to see research and interest from professionals, not just the occasional hit piece in women’s magazines. Help was on the way.

Four months later, almost nothing has changed. That is unacceptable.

PMDD makes the rounds occasionally in health news as an aberration, something to gawk…

And you just can’t take it anymore!

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Let’s start by busting one big myth about teaching: Only losers or newbies go through slow periods of growth.

Consider this one majorly busted—even major teaching pros go through highs and low in selling their courses. Not everyone wants to pay for classes all the time. That’s just the way of the business!

The difference between the pros and the rest of us is the extent to which the low points affect them. The most professional of teachers plan ahead for the slow periods and take advantage of them when they come.

Lots of things can initiate a slow period…

From shopping comes money truth.

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I was a relatively late adopter of Amazon, joining in 2012. I had privacy concerns despite my entire career taking place on the internet.

But once I did, I loved the convenience it offered. I loved the options it provided and the natural convenience.

But Amazon is changing. People no longer see it as this miracle company. It’s a soul-sucking company that prices out individuals and contributes to a lot of unhappiness.

So it was time for me to evaluate my own purchases and see if I could live without this beast.

Brand loyalty is a real thing.

I’ve bought the same kind of anti-aging serum…

For the week of August 12th, 2019.

Source: (I recommend the article it came from!)

This kickass Irish actress made the news this week for her AMAZING idea for how to leave a legacy as a childfree person. So of course we had to spotlight her!

A short bio from Wikipedia:

“Mary McEvoy (born 1954) is an Irish actress. She is recognised by television viewers for having played the role of Biddy Byrne in Glenroe from 1983–2000. After that she has been in numerous plays, including Big Maggie, Sive, The Field, The Chastitute, The Vagina Monologues, Shirley Valentine, The Matchmaker, The Year of the Hiker, Dancing at Lughnasa, Whippy, The Life and Times of Selma…

I’m an ex-Christian, and my partner is a non-practicing Jew. Our unique conflicts are (finally) portrayed by two cosmic beings


I want to start by stating the obvious: Aziraphale and Crowley are in love.

That is to say, the two main characters in the book/television miniseries/play/musical/radio play Good Omens (written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman) are in love. They care for each other, don’t correct others when someone refers to them as significant others, and “Somebody to Love” plays at their darkest moment. Even the actors agree.

But they’re an angel and a demon, respectively. So a fair amount of relationship drama happens against the backdrop of the Apocalypse.

The more I watched the Amazon miniseries adaptation of…

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